NOVUSENS partnered with ISAF Exclusive Congress that was held in Istanbul Fair Center and Benli shared why do wee need smart cities, the concept of smart cities, the benefits of smart cities, the components of smart cities, evolution of smart city models, smart cities approaches, the technologies that are mostly...

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Smart Living means ICT-enabled life styles, behaviour and consumption. Smart Living is also healthy and safe living in a culturally vibrant city with diverse cultural facilities, and incorporates good quality housing and accommodation. Smart Living is also linked to high levels of social cohesion and social capital. (EU Mapping Study,...

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With the ownership of Kale Group and collaboration of Turkish Informatics Foundation, we have completed the 1st Phase of Canakkale Smart City Transformation Project that was run with the mantra of “Moving on to the Smart Future of Canakkale” on 31st of May 2017 in Canakkale. The...

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With the ownership of Kale Group and support of Turkish Informatics Foundation, Canakkale Smarrt City Transformation Project is being running with “Moving on to the Smart Future of Canakkale”. Within the scope of the project, we’ve organized a special event with Canakkale Youngsters with the facilitation of Canakkale Koza Youth...

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Delivered a speech on “Smart City Transformation” in the “Technology Talks 3: Smart Cities” event organized by TTGV in collaboration with Oracle on 25th of April, 2017 at Kivilcim Center.


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