“Smart Cities Readiness Assessment of Turkey Project” (Current Situational Analysis of Turkey Smart Cities Report) officially launched with a Project Kick-off Meeting at İTÜ Rectorate!

With the ownership of Turkey Informatics Foundation, implementation of Smart City Institute of NOVUSENS, academic support of İTÜ Computer Engineering and Informatics Faculty and commissioned by Mastercard Turkey and Intel Turkey, the Project aims to identify the Current Situational Analysis of Turkey in Smart Cities that will deliver the “Smart Cities Readiness Assessment of Turkey Report” especially in EnergyTransportation and Water fields. The study will be made with all of the metropolitan municipalities and their provinces. The Report will be the first reference with this content in smart cities area for all of the organizations both in Turkey and abroad.

The Project officially launched on 3rd of June, 2015 with the hosting of Prof.Dr.Mehmet Karaca, The Rector of İTÜ and the High level executives of the project stakeholders.

The Report to be published on 3rd of December, 2015, is planned to be a strong reference for the 2nd phase of the project that aims to deliver the Roadmap and the Strategy of Turkey in Smart Cities.


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