The theme of “SMART CITIES and ART” discussed in BODRUM!

The theme of “Smart Cities and Art” discussed in a special event on 27th of June, 2015 at “Atolye Dut Agaci” in Bodrum that was orgnaized by “Smart Cities Institute of NOVUSENS” and “Artı Mavi Consulting” where decision makers and representatives of the Government, Private Industry, NGOs, Universities, and art performers perticipated.

As the “Smart Cities” concept is mostly perceived as equals to “High Technology”, the right concept and its definition was clarified and discussed in detail during the event. It was underlined that the “Smart Cities” concept is fully human oriented and aims to increase the quality of the lives of the people through integrated solutions, based on data, where technology is an instrument”. The event aimed to take the attention to the “Culture and Art” element in “Smart Cities” by keynote speakers that they emphasized the value of “Culture and Art”, how it integrates people and how it could be a breathe for them live happy in it. The event has been the 1st one in Turkey regarding this context.

The Atelier – “Atolye Dut Agaci” that was built on year 1840 owned by the paint artist Dilek Uslu who was from the oldest families of Bodrum.

With the moderation of Berrin Benli – Co-Founder of NOVUSENS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute and Founder of Smart Cities Institute of NOVUSENS, the event started with the flute concert by Nihan Atalay who is Academic Instructor at Mimar Sinan Guzel Sanatlar University.

Berrin Benli, made a speech on the definitions and concept of Smart Cities and how it plays a critical role in “Sustainable Develeopment” of a country. She has stated that Smart Cities consists of effectively integrated Digital and Human systems in an urban environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens. She said that it is an umbrella concept that includes almost all of the industries like transportation, energy, health, education, telecommunication, water, security, environment etc...And she shared some information about the professional studies of “Smart Cities Institute” of NOVUSENS.

Derya Bigalı – Manager of Akbank Sanat made a speech on Creative Cities” referencing the best practices around the world. And she emphasized the relationship between Smart Cities and Creative Cties.

Orhan Hallik – Board Member of Bilintur, stated the importance of the museums to increasing the value of the cities during his speech. He has evaluated many questions and comments came from the Artists.

Akısal Akıncı – Founder of Artı Mavi Consulting, raised the attention of the audience to city branding internationally. He has provided many real life success stories of the cities that became strong brands. He has underlined the strong importance of roles of the Artists in transforming the cities into global brands.


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