Vision, Mission, Objectives

Vision, “Boosting Innovation & Entrepreneurship” as being one of the flagship Innovation Institutes cross the globe through offering best in class unique Innovation trainings and Innovation consultancy services with global and local partners aiming sustainable growth and competitiveness with a positive impact on economy and society”.

Mission, ‘To grow and increase the innovation capacity and capability of players from SMEs, Government, Private Industry, Higher Education, NGOs) and enabling them to create ‘Best Practice’ implementations worldwide’.


• Contributing to “National Innovation System”, Regional Development” ,“Regional Innovation”, and “Regional Competitiveness” by teaching “Innovation & Entrepreneurship” in the Regions, Provinces and Industry clusters
• Leveraging local SMEs and Entrepreneurs to national and international markets by supporting them through professional customized services
• Reaching various segments of all industries through enriched services portfolio at both national & international levels
• Developing and introducing new models and approaches candidate for being “Best Practice” at both national and international platforms
• Transforming existing manufacturing capacity and capability to create more added value with design and product development focus

“NOVUSENS” is the first Institute in Turkey in terms of its Vision, Mission, Objectives, Services and organization structure. It has :

. Strong know-how and experience,br /> . Holistic and integrated approach to innovation strategies and processes,
. Unique training contents,
. Strong collaboration and partnership potential at local country and international markets,
. High awareness at local country and international markets,
. Strong passion to shape the future.

It has been officially operational effective October 2010 and started to work for Regional Development and Regional Innovation System as its primary focus area.


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