USTDA (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) with the collaboration of NOVUSENS brought U.S. and Turkish Stakeholders in Smart City Roundtable Event organized on 12th of October, 2016 in TTGV’s “Kivilcim” Centre!

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has selected the Tuatara Group to conduct a Definitional Mission (DM) to identify, evaluate and recommend smart city projects that could benefit from project development funding for feasibility studies, technical assistance or pilot projects. As part of this activity, the Tuatara Group organized a smart city project planning roundtable event with the assistance of NOVUSENS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute to bring U.S. and Turkish stakeholders together to discuss smart city integrated planning and the potential for utilizing USTDA project funding to enable implementation.

After discussing the process of USTDA Grant for Smart Cities in Turkey, NOVUSENS presented the results of the “Turkey Smart Cities Assessment Report” that was published on 1st of March, 2016. Before closing the event, NOVUSENS facilitated the discussion among the participants on the current challenges and potential solutions of the Smart City implementations in Turkey.

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