Company Profile

Company Profile

“NOVUSENS” Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute” is a high technology and a professional services company that serves unique trainings and consultancy services in Innovation & Entrepreneurship space both in local and international markets.

By its core values, business quality and excellence perspective, it aims to provide unparalleled, unique, result-oriented, exemplary turnkey solutions to its customers and stakeholders.

“NOVUSENS” that was initiated in 3rd quarter of calendar year 2009 improved and matured in terms of its business strategies and processes.

The unique know-how and experience and most importantly the “passion” of the Co-Founders of “NOVUSENS” dedicated to Innovation & Entrepreneurship has lept it ahead very rapidly and started to receive service requests even before officially established.

“NOVUSENS” has adopted in principle of business development and implementation either with PPP approach, or by other methodologies as it fully supports “Collaboration” and “Co-operation” business philosophy.

“NOVUSENS” has attracted many potential business partner candidates at both local country and global level during the period of its establishment. It aims to increase the number of strategic business partners in the mid-longer term to be able to provide enriched services in wide variety of portfolio to all of its potential customers and stakeholders in each and every segment of the industries.

The strategic decision making is being managed by the Co-Founders of the Institute.

The content of the unique services (trainings, projects, workshops, conferences, consultancy services) that “NOVUSENS” provides, have been developed by the core team of the company including Co-Founders and has been adapted & customized based on the needs and requirements of the customers and related stakeholders.

It aims to create “Best Practice” success story applications and implementations both at the local country level and at international platforms by its uniquely developed professional services.


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